Four Corners girl starts program to thank uniformed workers

Posted at: 07/18/2013 7:19 PM
By: Ashley McElroy, KOB Eyewitness News 4

One of twelve-year-old Esther Rogge's favorite things to do is to help people, especially men and women in uniform.

"Well no one ever says thank you to them and they have such a hard job," she said.

Esther started her thank you projects two years ago after a trip to the store.

"There was a sheriff’s deputy parked there and we just wanted to say thanks and we started some little small talk and he was talking to us about how no one says thank you," she said.

She and her family started writing thank you cards to deputies, police, the military the fire department and the FBI.

But eventually she went from writing, to creating statues.

"it really made me feel really great that my daughter would think of someone else at 12 years old I didn't expect her to say 'dad can you help me make something for the fire department or police department,'" said Esther’s dad Steven Rogge.

Today Esther paid a visit to the San Juan County Sheriff's Office to deliver the statue.

"for somebody that young to have the thought process that the to take into consideration the long hours men and women of law enforcement put in is pretty impressive for a young girl to think about what we go though so were very thankful,” said Sgt. Kevin Burns. 

Esther doesn't think she'll slow down on her projects, because she wants to keep showing her appreciation.

"It’s making them feel so good it makes me want to keep doing more and more for them."

Esther has already made a statue for the Farmington Fire department. Next week, she plans on presenting a statue to state police, and is currently making another one for the Farmington police department.