Ruidoso Downs places police chief under review

Posted at: 07/23/2013 6:21 PM
By: Lauren Hansard, KOB Eyewitness News 4

In Ruidoso Downs, the city council has placed the police chief under review for 60 days.  Officers within the department filed complaints with the city.

The outside of the Ruidoso Downs jail doesn’t look all that unusual, it’s what is going on inside that put police chief Doug Babcock on probation.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 obtained the report filed by the Ruidoso Downs police department that gives us a clear picture of the conditions inside the jail.

According to the report, prisoners were able to enter the department with handguns concealed on them.  Contraband and drugs have been found in vacated jail cells.

Officers say they were not provided with tasers, bullet proof vests, or additional handcuffs in the jail holding facility.

Tires with dry rot that were red tagged by the Ruidoso Downs Maintenance Department were still being used on the roads.

KOB asked Mayor Gary Williams if he thinks the problems with the chief will be resolved.

“I think the chief understands that it is important for him to do his job and what I want him to do, is his job at the level that I expect him to," said Williams.  "When anyone gets slapped on the hand, you wonder okay there is a reason for that, you start the process of figuring out a way to solve it, and I think the chief will do that."

"The concerns that the officers raised, I appreciate that, and I appreciate the opportunity to address these concerns.  Some of the concerns have already been dealt with in a positive manner and the remainder of them will be resolved shortly," said Police Chief Doug Babcock.

If the problems within the department are not resolved within 60 days, the city council can decide to fire the chief.