Sunport in top ten list of most expensive airports

Posted at: 07/24/2013 5:12 PM
By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The Albuquerque Sunport is on a new top ten list, but it’s not one that is likely to make passengers happy.

The Sunport ranks in the top ten most expensive airports in the country when it comes to ticket prices, according to’s annual Airport Affordability Index. Cheapflights used customer-provided information to establish an average Sunport ticket at $559, which puts us right up there with Miami International, Washington Dulles, and Salt Lake City.

“Wow, I wouldn’t have expected it," said April Augster, getting ready to fly to Florida with her family. “Being Albuquerque, you’d expect it to be cheaper. I’m surprised.”

“The ten most? Really?” asked Yvette Stoor as she walked toward the security check for a flight to Denver. “It surprises me. I had no idea.  559 dollars – oh, my gosh – that’s amazing.”

“I didn’t know that about it being that expensive, but we’re glad to be back,’ said Roy Brady, waiting for his luggage after a trip to Las Vegas.

The cheapest airports in the nation, according to Cheapflights, are 1: Long Beach, California, 2: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and 3: Fresno, California.

City Aviation department officials say the Cheapflights rankings are unreliable. They say U.S. Department of Transportation numbers show Albuquerque would rank 74th in ticket prices, not 10th.