Weeds getting out of control in Clovis

Posted at: 07/24/2013 9:06 PM
By: Lauren Hansard, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The rain has certainly been a good thing for New Mexico, but in Clovis, the rain is producing some problems.  Residents said the weeds are getting out of control.

Some weeds are growing over six feet tall and the problem seems to keep growing worse.

The weeds are growing just about everywhere:  In the alley, along the fences, and in backyards.

"Since the rain, they've been populated like crazy," said Clovis resident Denny Wymore.

Wymore said a weed known as Goat Head has been the biggest problem.

"You have to literally get rid of them.  My husband went out last night and burned a bunch of them, so you can burn them but you still have to rake them up and get rid of them completely or they’re just going to keep growing."

But others in Clovis aren’t getting rid of them.

"It’s really got out of hand," said Code Compliance Supervisor Marcus Brice.

And that is where the city steps in.

"Any growth not cultivated to grow there, taller than 12 inches is illegal according to the ordinance," said Brice.

Inspectors have received 25-30 calls this week from homeowners angry about overgrown weeds, and the city has given out over 150 notices this week.

"There is areas in town that the entire block is totally overgrown with weeds,” said Brice.  “It seems like they can grow six inches overnight.”

Wymore said it’s hard not to notice the eyesore around town.

"When we didn't have rain they were growing a little bit and now just a few drops of rain and it's crazy, it's unbelievable how bad the weeds are right now,” said Wymore.

If residents do not remove the weeds within five business days of the notice, they can receive up to a $500 fine.