Navajo girl with diabetes meets with lawmakers in D.C.

Posted at: 07/25/2013 6:52 PM
By: Ashley McElroy, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A girl from the Navajo Nation diagnosed with type 1 diabetes has a message for U.S. lawmakers.

She was picked out of 1500 applicants to go to D.C and talk about diabetes research.

Fallon Blackbull is from Hosta Butte, NM and is just like any other 13 year old, but she has type 1 juvenile diabetes. She was only ten when she was diagnosed. At first doctors thought she was just over active and said to eat more carbs.

"But ten days later I wasn't gaining weight at all , so we went to the ER and within ten minutes I was diagnosed and air lifted to Albuquerque and I spent days in the ICU," she said.

Fallon says she has to check her blood sugar ten to twelve times a day, and that gets tiring.

"I would love to give up diabetes and be a normal teenager and not worry about anything like when i got to sleep overs or when I go to school."

There’s no cure for type 1 diabetes, but Fallon hopes there will be one someday.

Fallon applied and was accepted to this year’s Children's Congress in Washington D.C. hosted by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Fallon and other kids at Congress met with law makers to tell them the importance of funding diabetes research.

"It was really important to let the legislatures my story so they know how it is to live with diabetes and how hard it is."

Even though she says living with diabetes is a struggle, she won't let that stop her from achieving her dreams.

"I learned that it's ok to be a diabetic and that you could do whatever you want even though you have diabetes."

Fallon said she hopes by the time she goes to college there will be a cure for diabetes.