Bear cub and mom rescued from tree in NE Heights

Posted at: 08/01/2013 10:27 AM
Updated at: 08/01/2013 12:44 PM
By: Elizabeth Reed,

A crying bear cub and its mom caused quite the ruckus when they climbed up a tree in the Northeast Heights on Thursday morning.

New Mexico Game and Fish wardens responded to a home near Copper and Tramway to rescue the bears around 7 a.m.

The fire department was also called because of how high the bears climbed.

"Apparently my neighbor's dog sitter called in the report and she rang my bell. I was asleep and didn't hear it," said the homeowner, Nancy Tucker. "Then my phone rang and it was my neighbor telling me there were cubs in the yard and a bear in the tree."

Officials plan to take the bears to a special location where they can find food.