Trio facing human trafficking charges in Valencia County

Posted at: 08/05/2013 10:28 PM
By: Maria Guerrero, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A 23-year-old woman with mental disabilities said she was kidnapped for three days, beaten and forced to have sex for money and drugs.

The Valencia County Sheriff’s Office said a teenager managed to help her escape.

Three people are facing human trafficking charges in Valencia County.

For three days, no one noticed what was happening inside trailer #59 in Monterrey Park, near Los Lunas.

The alleged victim’s family says the abuse she endured is something she won’t soon forget.

"She is still having large anxiety attacks and nightmares," said a family member in a phone interview.

The Valencia County Sheriff’s Office says the ring-leader in this case is Amanda Gutierrez.

Jose Nevarez-Olivas and Jesse Rafael have also been charged and have been indicted. The three face several charges including first-degree kidnapping, second-degree criminal sexual penetration, human trafficking, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, abuse of a child, aggravated assault, battery, and conspiracy.

Caesar Aragon has been arrested and charged with conspiracy and criminal sexual penetration.

Court records say that on July 8, the woman agreed to “go party” with Gutierrez and Rafael.

The woman considered Rafael a friend.

But once in their van, Gutierrez allegedly threatened the woman with a gun.

Gutierrez later allegedly told a man the victim was “a prostitute who owed her money and that she was paying her debt with sex."

Detective James Harris says the woman was forced to have sex in exchange for money or drugs. She says she was also forced to clean the house and watch Gutierrez’s 7-year-old daughter.

The next day a 17-year-old girl visited the home and saw the distraught woman.

"She asked her if she wanted to be there and the victim told her 'no, I don't want to be here. I'm being held against my will,'” said Harris.

He says the girl went back the following day with her boyfriend and a plan to get the woman out.

"The boyfriend went in and distracted everybody while the girl and the victim fled the residence," said Harris.

The timing was perfect because the alleged victim told detectives she had overheard Gutierrez tell someone she was going to kill her that day.

"I believe this girl is very lucky that she did get away and I believe she probably wouldn't have been killed if she had not," said Harris.

The woman’s family fears this group could do this again.

According to Harris, they were planning on doing the same thing to the 17-year-old girl who ended up saving the woman.