Union worries APS copy policy could put costs on teachers

Posted at: 08/08/2013 7:51 AM
By: KOB.com staff

A new policy within APS has some teachers fired up before the new school year, but the district says it's a misunderstanding.

The Albuquerque Teachers Federation told KOB Eyewitness News 4 that APS sent a memo last week saying the district's copy budget was cut.

Principals now have to decide the number of copies each teacher can make.

APS says if a school goes over its limit, the school, not the teacher, will be charged .7 cents per copy.

But there are still concerns the cost could be passed on to teachers.

"We need to be able to focus on teaching, not where are we going to get the money to buy copies just to do our jobs,” said Ellen Bernstein, president of the Albuquerque Teachers Federation.

One teacher told KOB she was told she can only make 1,000 copies each trimester. The problem is, she said she make 1,000 copies every month just on homework sheets.

Bernstein said she will work with APS to see if they can somehow change the policy before the school year starts.

"When I started teaching I bought my own paper," she said. "I do not want to see teachers have to buy copies at their school for .7 cents a copy to do their job. That's unrealistic. That's an inappropriate expectation and I know teachers do it because they want to do their job but they shouldn't have to so we have to work this out."