Church offers veterans free trip to Four Corners

Posted at: 08/09/2013 8:50 PM
By: Ashley McElroy, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Crossroads Community Church of Farmington wanted to show how much they appreciate veterans by showing them the highlights of the Four Corners, so they started Four Corners Warriors Extreme Adventure.

To say thank you, the church pays for nine veterans to come to the Four Corners. They take the group sightseeing. Friday morning, veterans got a tour of the Bolack Museum of Fish and Wildlife.

"It was cool. I like to hunt and there's a lot of different animals in there," said veteran Hope Clark.

This is the second year the church has organized the trip. They called several veterans groups to see if they knew who would be interested in a trip like this."

Veterans like Shawn Green, who spent 27 years in the Army.

"I feel very thankful because there's other people who deserve it way better than me but I’m just thankful that I got picked and I’m glad I came on the trip."

The veterans say they're excited for the rest of the trip and are grateful for the support the community has shown them since the arrived.

"the very thought of anybody just caring we enough to step that one foot forward to help you out or even recognize you brings tears to your eyes."

The veterans on the trip are from Colorado, Texas and New Mexico. The church says they would like to expand their program to offer trip to 20 to 30 veterans a year.