Roswell high school recipient of governor's grant

Posted at: 08/09/2013 8:55 PM
Updated at: 08/09/2013 9:25 PM
By: Lauren Hansard, KOB Eyewitness News 4

This week, Governor Susana Martinez gave a $100,000 grant to three New Mexico high schools.  KOB Eyewitness News 4 found out what one high school is doing with its’ portion of the money.

University High School is the alternative school in Roswell.

“It dramatically changed my life because if I didn’t come to this school and get the opportunity to come, I'd be a high school dropout.  That is not what my mom wants, that is not what anybody wants for their kid, you know," said A.J. Hernandez, a student at University High School.  “I probably wouldn't be in school right now. I’d probably be working right now.  I'd be a high school dropout with no future at all."

With the $100,000 grant, these students will get college credit during their high school years.

The high school is on the air base, where there is currently hundreds of job openings, starting at a good pay.  The reason Superintendent Tom Burris thinks they got the grant.

"Oh, absolutely the air center helped me get the grant," said Burris.

Burris said they want to train Roswell students for the jobs so they can keep the students in the community.

"I want the kids that have roots in this community, that want to better themselves and be a part of this community, to be the ones that are hired by those businesses," said Burris.

The program with the grant money started Thursday and there is already a waiting list for this school.

Hernandez said he feels lucky to have a spot.

“The principal that was here before, she didn’t have to accept me, she did accept me which gave me a second chance for my life," said Hernandez.