Questions remain in Roswell police Tasering

Posted at: 08/13/2013 7:15 PM
By: Lauren Hansard, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Late Tuesday afternoon, the Mayor of Roswell said he supports the officers involved in a deadly confrontation with a man they Tasered several times.

An autopsy report is raising many questions about the death of Cody Towler in February.

Officers ordered Cody Towler to put down the baton he was using to bang on trash cans in an alley.  When he didn’t, one officer Tasered him, then another officer, then another.  KOB Eyewitness News 4 talked to Towler’s mother about it.

"They did not act like what they first signed on to serve and protect and Tasing him as many times as they did," said Scherrie Towler.

According to the autopsy, Towler was Tased four times, bringing him to his knees and his heart to a stop.

"I knew what went on. You're a mom you have that gut instinct that hits you right in the gut when something is wrong with your kid," said Towler.

His death was ruled a homicide at the hands of police officers.  Lois Marino called 911 that night.

"I looked out my window because I’m a late night person, looked out my window, and I saw him and heard him. Just beating on everything and he kept saying let her out let her out," said Morino.

The autopsy showed Towler had methamphetamine in his system but also showed injuries that may be consistent with being hit and kicked.

"If I had done the same thing to someone, I’d expect myself to go to prison or be accountable for my actions.  And I expect them to be held accountable too," said Towler.

Scherrie Towler said she will sue Roswell Police.

“I stand with our officers, I believe in them as does this community believe in them," said Roswell Mayor Del Jurney.

“I would ask that no determinations be made, as to the circumstances that may or may not have occured that night," said Jurney.

Roswell Police are not commenting on the investigation but said they are working with the city on the matter.