Albuquerque man tries to fight officer MMA style

Posted at: 08/18/2013 5:27 PM
Updated at: 08/18/2013 11:24 PM
By: Jeffery Gordon,

An Albuquerque Man faced a judge on Sunday after police say he tried to MMA fight an officer who pulled him over.

Robert Ring is charged with battery on a police officer.

Court records show that police pulled Ring over for having an expired registration near Louisiana and Central on Saturday.

Ring drove away from officers, but they stopped him again and told him to exit his vehicle.

Police say that is when he started to threaten the officers, telling them he was a trained MMA fighter.

At one point, police say Ring wrapped his legs around an officer and tried to take him down.

The attacked officer says he began to hit Ring to hold him off until a group of other officers could subdue him.