Extreme workout sickens student athlete

Posted at: 08/19/2013 1:52 PM
Updated at: 08/19/2013 1:54 PM
By: Tyler Hill, WTVA

FULTON, Miss. (WTVA) -- Parents of a 13-year-old boy who fell ill earlier this week have a warning for parents everywhere.

Chris and Stephanie Senter say on Monday, August 12, their son, Baylee Senter, went to practice with his teammates for the Fulton Middle School basketball team.

After practice, the Senters say Baylee had a hard time moving. At first they thought Baylee was just sore, but by Tuesday, their son had to leave school early because he could not walk.

By Wednesday, the Senters say Baylee's urine looked like coffee, so they took him to the emergency room.

The Senters say Baylee's legs are swollen and may require surgery to reduce the swelling. She says his kidneys are functioning at about 30 percent, and he may need dialysis. She also says doctors told them their son's condition was caused by too much exercise.

According to Stephanie Senter, Baylee, and other players, were over-exercised by the team coach. 

Baylee's stepmother says the coach told them they could take a break, but they would be off the team. She said she was made aware of several children throwing up during or after practice.

The Senters tell WTVA they met with the principal and assistant principal of Fulton Middle School Friday.  Stephanie Senter says the principal told her school leaders were going to take precautions that this would never happen again and that students would only be allowed to participate in one sport at a time.

"We are sensitive to the concerns of our parents and community, and we are investigating the incident. Due to the ongoing investigation and age of the student, we are unable to discuss the matter at this time."

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