Central Consolidated school district to vote on improvements

Posted at: 08/26/2013 9:09 PM
By: Ashley McElroy, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Some people in the Four Corners have a 20 million dollar decision to make.

Voters are deciding if kids in one district will get some big improvements at their school, or maybe even a new school.

It's cracks in the foundation at Ruth N. Bond Elementary, in Kirtland, that Central Consolidated School District officials say need serious attention.

"You just can't put tile over it and hope for the best that's what's been done in the past," said James Preminger, public relations and information officer for the school district.

The district hopes voters will say yes to a $20 million bond.

"It’s important no matter where they are in our district, and we have a very diverse district, its spread out, to have equal facilities," said Preminger.

The district is looking at using the money for school improvements.

Another possibility is combining Grace B. Wilson with another elementary, Ruth N. Bond, down the road.

One school has students from kindergarten through third grade. The other has fourth through sixth graders. 

The district says the money could be used to build a new school to house all those students.

But not all parents like that idea.

"I don't want my five year old with a sixth grader and I know they say they can keep them separate but you can't keep them separate completely and I don't want the influences of a sixth grader or a fourth or a fifth," said parent Angela Slone.

But no matter what voters' opinions are, the district just wants people to get out and vote tomorrow.

If the bond passes, the school district will hold public meetings to talk about the possible new school.

Polls open tomorrow at 7 a.m.