Man questions judge on DWI charge in court

Posted at: 08/31/2013 9:11 PM
Updated at: 08/31/2013 9:24 PM
By: Jeffery Gordon,

An Albuquerque man tried to reason with a judge on Saturday about why he should not be charged with DWI.

Kevin Kenney is accused of asking random people to blow into his ignition interlock to start his car on Friday.

Kenny asked the judge: “If I have an interlock in my vehicle, how can I get a DWI charge?”

“Oh there are all sorts of ways, but I would urge you to speak with an attorney,” the judge responded.

The incident happened at the Wal-Mart on Coors and Interstate 40.

Police say Kenney almost hit them in his vehicle when they got there.

Police were finally able to pull him over where they say he failed field sobriety tests.