Nude prowler has neighbors concerned

Posted at: 09/05/2013 10:27 PM
Updated at: 09/06/2013 7:41 AM
By: Erica Zucco, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Hearing that a naked man was peeking into girls' windows has Bill Morang worried about his own children.

"I'm glad the little girl wasn't hurt," Morang said.

But he says while he's concerned, he's not surprised. He claims other neighbors have spotted a man creeping.

"They call him the nudist around here," Morang said. "Apparently he's been looking in other peoples' windows."

He suspects it's a man who holds loud parties every Saturday night that he and other neighbors think are "swinger" events. He claims he's seen condom wrappers all over the street each weekend.

"We have kids in our house and down the street and they do indecent acts out the window so we've reported that," Morang said.

Police have not yet said whether the man who was naked, peeking and beaten lives in the area. Neighbors say something has been going on, and they want something done.

"I would've done a little worse than what happened to him and I think any man or dad would do the same," Morang said. "I feel bad for the other guy and I hope nothing bad happens to him for protecting his family. I think he did what's right."

Police warn they don't want people to get hurt approaching offenders. They say if you can, avoid confrontation and call 911.