New Dinelli ad lashes out at Berry

Posted at: 09/06/2013 5:38 PM
By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Pete Dinelli is out with his first TV ad of the race for mayor of Albuquerque. As expected, he’s lashing out at Mayor Richard Berry, but are his accusations true?

After all, this is the modern world of politics where truth is usually the first casualty of the battle. So – is Dinelli’s ad false? No, not entirely. But it’s a pretty far stretch from reality.

Dinelli tells the viewers he’s lived in Albuquerque his whole life. He’s fought for change and progress. That’s it for introducing himself. Within 5 seconds, he’s Berry-bashing.

“Berry refuses to raise the minimum wage even though we voted to increase it,”  Dinelli himself says in the ad. Huh? Voters raised the minimum wage in Albuquerque last year. Berry had no power to stop it.

“Berry’s anti-choice measure threatens women’s health.”  Here Dinelli is talking about the late-term abortion ban, or the 20-week ban if you prefer; an initiative that’s likely to be on the ballot in some election in the near future. But it’s not Berry’s proposal. It’s from an independent group of voters who launched a petition drive. Berry did say he would vote for it.

“He would even take away a woman’s right to choose in cases of rape or incest.”  Okay. The late term abortion ban does not make exceptions for rape and incest victims, but again – it’s not Berry’s proposal.

Dinelli says “Republican Richard Berry is taking us backwards,”  and at the end he says “I’m Democrat Pete Dinelli. I share your values.”

The ad hopes to make connections with Democratic voters, who are in the majority in the city, but it loses connections with the truth.

Last week we fact-checked a Berry ad that attacked Dinelli, and found it truthful, but not telling the whole story.

And so it goes on the campaign trail.