APS starts new program to battle truancy

Posted at: 09/06/2013 6:47 PM
By: Erica Zucco, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Albuquerque Public Schools says more than 15 percent of students are skipping school. This year, they have a plan to bring as many students as possible back to class.

APS says 16,000 students are “chronically truant,” which means unexcused absences. APS hopes a program they’re starting this year will change that.

While are some problems everyone seems to see, APS says it’s not so simple.

“If it was one reason, we would have fixed it a long time ago,” Kris Meurer said.

This year, APS wants to identify more reasons why kids aren’t in class. The district will work with 17 schools, notifying parents after kids miss school twice and meeting with parents after more absences.

“We may start seeing some common causes, and if we do we can start to attack the causes themselves,” Meurer said.

They’ll use what they learn to find solutions instead of just punishing kids who skip.