State Fair debuting new roller coaster

Posted at: 09/06/2013 8:33 PM
By: Joseph Lynch, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The New Mexico State Fair will start next Wednesday at Expo New Mexico. Just like every other year there are the mainstays mixed in with the new. And one of those new things took ten tractor trailers to deliver and two weeks to build.

One of the first things you can't help but notice this year towering over the midway skyline and making its first-ever stop to New Mexico is the Comet 2 rollercoaster. They claim bragging rights to the "largest traveling coaster in the U.S.A." The Comet 2 takes two weeks to set up. KOB Eyewitness News 4 asked Jake Van Hull, who operates the rollercoaster: Just how big is it?

"214 feet long. 84 feet deep and it's a 1:26 to ride," Van Hull said.

Van Hull says no matter which fair they travel to, Comet 2 draws crowds and the lines too. But he says most people don't seem to mind the wait. A ride on Comet 2 is well worth it.

"Number one every day. They line up for it. It's a show stealer? Oh yeah. It's the best man. You go a couple of times you know. It's serious."

Fair officials say that now through the start next Wednesday, preparations will be going on around the clock. Michael Henningsen works for the State Fair and says it takes a lot to put on New Mexico's biggest event.

"That's why they call it the biggest show in New Mexico. There's just nothing else that can really compares to it in sheer size and length of time."

Just like they did last year, the fair will be open every day throughout this year's run. They think having no days off made it better for fair goers. No doubt it helped attendance. They saw 10,000 more people last year.

The fair starts on Wednesday September 11 and runs through Sunday September 22. For more information, visit