Farmington cleaning up after heavy rains

Posted at: 09/11/2013 6:56 PM
By: Ashley McElroy, KOB Eyewitness News 4

It’s cleanup time in Farmington.

After two days of heavy rain, all of the city's crews are working hard to clean up the mess.

Villa View Rd. and Main Street was one of the hardest hit areas. It’s clear now but there’s still a lot of mud from the flood.

The rushing water was so strong it cracked a retaining wall in an arroyo.

"My husband saw it as it fell down and that was quite a shock, everyone was like whoa," said Farmington resident Jessalyn Jones.

Residents living in flooded areas say they're tired of the mess.

"It was just frustrating because it had happened four times this year so cleaning it up again and not knowing how to fix the way our driveway was so it wouldn't keep doing it… It was a hassle,” said Jones.

Foothill Plaza off of Main Street was hit hard by the storm. Michael Hatch took precautions to make sure his restaurant, Costa Vida, didn't flood.

"I ran inside, grabbed a few of my employees, and we have these very large squeegees to clean our floor and as the water and as the water started coming over the arroyo we started to squeegee the water away from the building as much as we could," said Hatch. 

Not only did the water flood the plaza, it created a sinkhole in the parking lot.

“I was shocked to hear that we had a sinkhole," said Marie Andersen.

Public works said a lot of the problems were created by debris that's built up over the years. It was picked up by the water, clogging arroyos.

They say they have all crews out working to clean up the mess.

Police say between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, they responded to 70 calls. 95 percent of them were weather related.