Roswell dealing with cleaning up after flood

Posted at: 09/13/2013 8:25 PM
By: Lauren Hansard, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The sun was shining Friday in Roswell, shedding some light on the aftermath of the flooding. 

The rain may be gone, but the damage isn't. The dried up creek hasn't seen flowing water in 20 years, but that all changed Wednesday.  As for the people that live around here they've had to find another way home."

Water came rushing through the Berrendo creek in Roswell Wednesday, dragging a lot of damage along with it.  Down power lines, ripped out fences, and broken bridges are just a few of the sights around Roswell Friday.

“Five houses out here and we were pretty much stranded," said Terri French.  French lives by the river.  After the flood, they had to be towed out of their neighborhood.

"We couldn’t leave, it was kind of comical we could make it to about right here with our vehicles, then of course like I said the tractor had to pull us out," said French.

Two days later, water is still flowing over roads, cars are still stuck, and people are still in disbelief.

“The water was up to the top of the fence here.  All the way across to the fence over here, and unbelievable I’ve never seen that kind of water in my life out here," said French.

Water hasn’t rushed through the Berrendo creek in Roswell since 1991.  A long time for some, but to others it used to be a more frequent memory.

“Back when I was a kid and I’ve lived here since I was a kid, it used to do it about every five years.  But this is the first time in about 20 years," said Michael Stein.