Well-known attorney faces judge after pulling gun on son

Posted at: 09/21/2013 7:54 PM
Updated at: 09/21/2013 8:04 PM
By: Erica Zucco, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A well-known Albuquerque defense attorney was in court Saturday morning representing himself.

Bill Tinker is accused of pulling a gun on his son after drinking.

A criminal complaint says Thursday night, Bill Tinker’s son came home and found him drunk.

 It says Bill snapped at him after some conversation, which turned into an argument.

Later, his son went to check on him and found him with a gun. He claims his dad threatened to shoot him if he did not go away.

Tinker was a well-known name in the legal world.

He has handled high-profile cases, including defending a suspect who allegedly ran the prostitution ring “Private Ice” in 2008.

But as it turns out, he also dealt with his own legal troubles, including criminal history out of California and New York, six misdemeanors, one known conviction, two traffic bench warrants and 10 felonies with one known conviction.

Tinker bonded out and is not allowed to be near guns, alcohol or his son until his next court date.

He has practiced law for more than a decade.