'Purple drank' a big problem in Carlsbad

Posted at: 09/23/2013 6:58 PM
By: Lauren Hansard, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Carlsbad Police are out looking for “skittles” and “purple drank.”  No it’s not candy or juice, it’s a dangerous concoction that’s landing kids in the hospital. 

These days, all it takes is $12 bucks to hallucinate.  And that’s what kids in Carlsbad are doing.

“It’s in the middle schools, it’s in the high schools, and last year the youngest I saw with this was a 5th grader," said Corporal Tony Baca of the Carlsbad Police Department

It takes Sprite, Robitussin, and Skittles candy to make “purple drank.”  Another popular drug: Coricidin.  A pill with the street name “Skittles.”  That’s available over the counter.  Mix the two together and you have bad news.

“Anywhere from seeing and hearing voices to actually seeing people that aren't there," said Baca.

Baca said in the past month, three 13-year-olds overdosed on Coricidin pills.

“They started taking anywhere from 15-20 pills each one, and two of the students had to be flown out of Carlsbad due to the overdose," said Baca.

We’re told the kids are doing okay.  Now police are involved.

“I have gone around to all of the local stores and asked them to if they cannot remove the items from the shelves and put them back behind the counter to at least put them in view of store personnel," said Baca.

So far at least five stores in Carlsbad have moved Coricidin pills behind the counter, including Walmart.

The one ingredient giving kids a hard time is Robitussin, because it is not available to kids under the age of 18.  Police said if you have Robitussin in your home, keep it away from your kids. 

In addition to hallucinations, the drugs can cause slowed heart rate, shallow breathing, and vomiting.