Red Cross offers tips on emergency preparedness

Posted at: 09/24/2013 5:53 PM
By: Ashley McElroy, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The recent rain and flooding in New Mexico and Colorado forced a lot of people out of their homes, but when natural disasters happen, a lot of people aren't ready to evacuate.

New Mexico and Colorado aren't immune to the harsh realities of Mother Nature.

Just last week, flooding put parts of New Mexico underwater, and a lot of the time, people are not prepared.

"I worked in the shelters during the West Fork fire and so many people would come in the door and say I can't believe I didn't remember my paper work, I don't have my prescriptions I don't have my birth certificate I don't have my insurance information," Cindi Shank of Red Cross of Southwest Colorado said.

That’s why they Red Cross wants to help the people in the Four Corners get ready for the next emergency.

The Red Cross is hosting a preparedness seminar.

They’ll go over things like how to make an emergency kit.

Some of the essential items you want to have in your kit are nonperishable food items you never know when you're going to be in an emergency and you want to make sure the food you have isn't spoiled.

It’s also important to have things like matches and flashlights, something we should all have readily available.

"I’ve been caught in the dark in some hotels when I travel and I found a real important friend is my handy dandy flashlight," Shank said.

And with winter just around the corner, it's more important than ever to be prepared.

"I think everyone's a little skittish based on the fall we've had. We've has so much rainfall and so much flooding that they're anticipating it going into the wintertime," Shank said.

The seminar is free and will be held tomorrow at the Red Cross of Southwest Colorado at 1911 Main St in Durango. Their phone number is 970-759-4697