4OYS investigates driveway-turned-arroyo

Posted at: 09/26/2013 11:09 PM
By: Ryan Luby, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A homeowner who has a small ravine running up his driveway believes his neighbors are responsible for the damage.

Patrick Marquez called 4 On Your Side when he said he wasn’t satisfied with the response from Village of Corrales, the City of Rio Rancho, and the Southern Sandoval County Flood Control Authority, known as SSCAFCA.  Marquez’s home sits on the edge of all three entities.

In July, he said runoff started to chew away his driveway.

Every time I hear thunder, every time I hear the rain, it keeps growing and growing and growing and growing,” Marquez said.

The area affected is now about four to five feet deep and about 200 feet long.

“Now we got electrical lines exposed, cable, phone, it's just getting worse,” he said.

After his calls to 4 On Your Side, the SSCAFA engineer Chuck Thomas admitted that some of the natural runoff flows from SSCAFCA property toward Marquez’s home – and other homes – on Hollywood Boulevard.  Thomas said engineers will begin work in November to try to remedy the runoff problems.

“We're going to construct a detention facility on the property that SSCAFCA owns, to basically retain all of the runoff that comes off of those 5 acres,” Thomas said.

Beyond that, Thomas said they’ll install larger inlets to control the water more effectively.

He said SSCAFCA – like other taxing entities – cannot use taxpayer dollars to pay for problems on private properties.  As a result, he said Marquez’s driveway – which sits on private property – cannot be fixed using SSCAFCA resources.

Marquez said late Thursday night he’s not sure what step he’ll take next.

“All I want is dirt.  My God, just give me dirt,” he said.