Roswell cemetery hit with vandalism

Posted at: 09/27/2013 6:29 PM
By: Lauren Hansard, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The unwelcome presence stalking one New Mexico graveyard came in the form of vandals.  Headstones were knocked over at the cemetery in Roswell.

21 headstones damaged, all very heavy and all had been cemented into place.

“Of course these stones are hundreds and hundreds of pounds so it does take a little while," said Roswell Cemetery Supervisor Ruben Esquivel.

Esquivel said the strength of five workers was needed to lift the headstones back up again.

“I don't understand it at all. Any vandalism anywhere, but especially here where a loved one is buried and we hope that they're resting in peace," said Leroy Sanchez.

The headstones that were found knocked over weren't sitting right next to each other; they covered a wide area and seemed to be picked at random.

“Those four blocks that were affected by this, of course, no pattern of any sort," said Esquivel.

No pattern and so far no leads on who would commit this heartless crime, or why.

"I know for a fact that the day before that area had been mowed and trimmed and everything was fine," said Esquivel.

“That's being very disrespectful to any family, not just mine, to any family,” said Sanchez.