Federal Relief Headed for Santa Clara Pueblo

Posted at: 09/28/2013 1:15 PM
Updated at: 09/28/2013 5:45 PM
By: Johnny Cordoba, KOB 4

Santa Clara Pueblo, NM (September 28) – President Barack Obama has approved a “Major Disaster” declaration for Santa Clara Pueblo qualifying it for public assistance from flooding that occurred there between July 19-21.

“The federal aid will assist with cleanup and flood prevention, and will bring peace of mind,” said Bruce Tafoya, Santa Clara governor. “Every time we get a little rain the fear of flooding is in the back of the minds of our people. This will put some of those fears at ease.”

The relief is classified as Public Assistance Category A and B and will provide aid for debris removal and emergency protective measures.

“We’re still dealing with the burn scar effects left by the Las Conchas Fire,” added Regis Chavarria, Santa Clara sheriff. “The aid will be used to repair roadways, create earthen dams, dredge water holding ponds, and reduce the risk of floating debris coming down the canyon and clogging up box culverts in the community.”

Further federal assistance under Category C-G and Hazard Mitigation is also possible pending the receipt of the tribe’s Hazard Mitigation Plan and the results of further damage assessments.

FEMA representatives will visit the pueblo in the near future to view damaged areas and begin the assessment. Based on those observations, project “work sheets” will be completed and a specific dollar amount will be allocated.

More than three inches of rain fell in the Santa Clara Pueblo area between July 19-21 sending a 10’ wall of water down Santa Clara Creek.