Congress weighing Obamacare delay

Posted at: 09/28/2013 7:05 PM
Updated at: 09/28/2013 7:09 PM
By: Erica Zucco, KOB Eyewitness News 4

If a bill passes with a year-long delay for the Affordable Care Act, it would impact hundreds of thousands of New Mexicans who could have gotten cheaper insurance.

Republicans say the United States cannot afford the act now, but Democrats say Congress already passed it and now is not the time to reconsider.

But New Mexicans say they are tired of the back and forth and just want to know what their futures hold.

De Silva has an insurance policy but not one she’s happy with.

“I'm paying a lot of money for minimal insurance so it could be better, I still have to pay a lot out of pocket,” de Silva said.

The Affordable Care Act would lower her costs and raise her protections, but she does not think political gridlock is a good enough reason for her to have to wait for answers.

“We're the ones paying their salaries too, so if we're gonna do it, can we please go ahead and do it and take care of the ones who need it, such as myself,” she said.

Right now, though, health care and shutdown issues are muddied together.

Though some analysts say a house plan to delay Obamacare might not really keep it from happening, New Mexicans say it is a shame we have gotten to this political stalemate.

“Let's go ahead and take care of our American citizens and get this done, and then we can go ahead and move on to something else. We need our health care,” de Silva said.