Woman finds relief in lifesaving migraine treatment

Posted at: 10/02/2013 1:51 PM
Updated at: 10/02/2013 1:53 PM
By: Rachel McNeill, KPRC

Photo: Source: KPRC

HOUSTON, Texas (KPRC) -- People from all over the country are coming to Houston to try a neurostimulation procedure in an effort to get relief from migraine pain that can be intense, crippling and relentless.

"I went to a neurologist. I was hospitalized. They put me on preventative medicines. We tried acupuncture and even Botox. I tried biofeedback and nothing was working," said Jenny Bruner, who dealt with debilitating daily migraine headaches for close to seven years.

"I didn't see any hope. It was so frustrating just living in constant pain," added the school teacher who says she met with more than a dozen doctors and tried 62 different medications trying to get her life back.