Balloons make surprise landing at golf course

Posted at: 10/05/2013 6:28 PM
Updated at: 10/05/2013 7:34 PM
By: Maria Guerrero, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The wind may have pushed some balloons to a popular weekend destination, leading to balloons and golf balls to cross paths.

Even the first day of Balloon Fiesta could not drive people away from the greens at Arroyo del Oso Golf Course located at Osuna and Louisiana.

"I've been sending pictures to people across the country," said golfer Chris Gibbon.

But hey, they did not miss out. The balloons came to them!

Dozens of hot air balloons landed right on the golf course.

“Like little tiny specs,” describes young balloonist Jacob Thomas Wright of the city of Albuquerque. “The houses and the giant buildings more like two ants combined."

Chase crews wound through the city course alongside golf carts.

“There really wasn't a box today so everything was kind of going north. And there wasn't a lot of wind, we thought it was going to be a really windy up top but it turned out to be a really nice morning, we had a great flight," said balloonist Don Martindell.

The golf course says they always expect one day of Balloon Fiesta where they see several landings on the course.

"Usually when the wind comes out of the northwest we expect it so we just try to accommodate the balloonists and the golfers as well,” said worker Robert Duran.

"As long as we're not interfering with the balloons," said Gibbon.