'Buzz Bus' could be reaching the end of the line

Posted at: 10/08/2013 6:39 PM
By: Ashley McElroy, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The city of Durango offers what they call a "buzz bus" on Friday and Saturday nights.

For $5, the bus will take you home, as long as you live in the city limits. 

But a budget battle could soon mean last call for the buzz bus.

The city of Durango’s transit system says it's time to make cuts to make up for an almost half-million dollar hole in the city's transit budget.

"By eliminating the buzz bus service we'd save $32,400 per year and, what we’re looking at towards cuts is actually $220,000," Amber Blake, multimodal director for the city of Durango, said.

A lot of the customers for the buzz bus are students here at Fort Lewis College and they say they wouldn't be too happy if that service went away.

"I think that would be a bad idea I think transportation after a certain times on the weekends is really limited and I also think the buzz bus is a good way for students to get around without drinking and driving," said student Charles Dickinson.

Folks at the transit service say they don't mean to be a buzz-kill, but their research shows there are plenty of private taxi and limo services available in Durango.

But some say that's just not realistic.

"If you offer an alternative such as a limo or a cab you're not going to have as good as results kids just aren't going to pay for it often times kids a lot of the times they would just rather just drink and drive," said student Jesse King.

But even with the possible service cut, the city hopes people will do the responsible things and plan ahead and make sure they have a safe ride home.

Durango city council is still taking public comments about the budget plan until November 5.

If the current proposal passes, the buzz bus will stop rolling by January.