Navajo Nation withdraws support for horse slaughterhouse

Posted at: 10/09/2013 8:44 AM
Updated at: 10/09/2013 8:47 AM
By: Elizabeth Reed,

The Navajo Nation will no longer round up wild horses to sell to slaughterhouses.

Earlier this year, Navajo leaders announced their support for a horse slaughterhouse trying to open near Roswell. They said the horse overpopulation problem was destroying Navajo Nation land.

But on Tuesday, Navajo President Ben Shelly and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson reached an agreement to find a long-term, humane solution for controlling the feral horse population.

"Our land is precious to the Navajo people, as are all the horses on the Navajo Nation. Horses are sacred animals to us. I am thankful we can partner with agencies that have resources to help us find real long-term solutions," President Shelly said in a statement.

According to a news release, the Foundation to Protect New Mexico Wildlife will work with the Navajo Nation to explore several solutions, including equine birth control, adoption, land management and public education.