Search continues for missing kids and ranch owner

Posted at: 10/11/2013 5:13 PM
Updated at: 11/03/2014 9:14 PM
By: Chris Ramirez, KOB Eyewitness News 4

There is a statewide manhunt for a ranch owner and nine boys between the ages of 12 and 17 who are believed to be with him.

State Police are desperately trying to find Tierra Blanca Ranch owner Scott Chandler. Police have reason to believe the boys with him may be in danger.

This development follows a lengthy 4 On Your side investigative story that aired Thursday night.

Governor Susana Martinez met with the media Friday afternoon. At the time, she said State Police were planning on issuing an Amber Alert for nine teenaged boys who live at the ranch under the guardianship of Scott Chandler.

That alert has not yet been issued.

When investigators raided the ranch to serve a search warrant Friday morning, there was no sign of Chandler or the boys.

In the 4 On Your Side report that aired Thursday night, KOB exposed a situation at the ranch that has State Police and CYFD on edge.

Three boys told KOB, and their information was supported through police reports, that Scott Chandler and his staff commonly shackled the boys and starved them as a form of punishment.

While we've been learning more details about the ranch, State Police has been looking into the allegations as well.

Today, police and CYFD showed up at the ranch to pull the boys out and discovered Chandler had left with them.

"All resources are being put into this right now.  We have to locate them.  We'll have an Amber Alert that we put into place very soon and the media will be our partner," Gov. Martinez said.

State Police is using ground patrols and helicopters, combing through 30,000 acres of land.

"When you show up and everybody is gone, it's of huge concern to us," Gov. Martinez said.

A massive search continues for these boys, in land that can only be described as untamed wilderness.