Haunted house actor's costume goes missing

Posted at: 10/20/2013 11:08 PM
By: Maria Guerrero, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A haunted house that raises money for a good cause is dealing with a mystery of its own tonight.

One of the actor’s scary costumes is missing.

The Haunted Scarecrow’s opening night on Friday proved to be a frightful success.

"There's a lot of screaming, there are a lot of characters," said executive director, Jeff Lepori.

Lepori finally got to unveil his new, $460 ‘Peter Rottentail’ costume.

"I would come out at them or I would hide my face and so you don't fully see exactly what it is. It just looks like a big fuzzy creature coming at you and pop out and they would be like 'what the heck?'” he said.

But after the doors closed at around 11:45 p.m. it was Lepori asking, what the heck?

"This is the area where I laid the costume down to air dry after wearing it all night,” he said.

Like a real-life horror flick, Peter Rottentail vanished.

"I was very disappointed number one and number two upset that I left it up there to air out, thinking that we had the place safe and that it would just walk out like that," he said.

The only thing the thief left was the rabbit’s vest.

The haunted house benefits several local non-profits including Warehouse 508, which provides teens a place to work on art, as well as Endorphin Power which helps recovering drug addicts.

To the sticky-fingered visitor, Lepori says, “shame on you for doing that. If you really needed help all you needed to do was ask that's what we're here to do. I would love to have helped you.”

Lepori says he has ordered another costume online.

The Haunted Scarecrow maze will be open again this Friday and Saturday night.

Tickets are $15.