Crews cleaning up park where needle was stepped on

Posted at: 10/22/2013 5:48 PM
By: Kim Tobin, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Albuquerque Parks and Recreation crews are scouring Robinson Park after a man stepped on a needle and it went right through his heel. Officials say they're doing everything they can to fight this ongoing battle. 

"Our park management crew is dedicated to keeping parks safe and clean, and when something like this happens, it gets our attention up," said Paul Hyso. "Our radar comes up quickly."

The amount of needles found in the parks around the city reflects the heavy drug use in Albuquerque. Even still, kids and dogs play in the grass and people step off the sidewalk.

"I have heard from co-workers that they found needles in the park I walk through the grass and I have really good shoes on," Caeri Thomas said.

"I work right across the street and hopefully there can be other ways to keep more needles from ending up in the grass," said Julie Luna.

Robinson Park is cleaned up once a week, but after the scare crews will be out there every few days. They want to make sure everyone knows, if a needle is found, don't touch it. People can call 3-1-1 immediately and a crew will be there to get rid of it.

Hyso said needles have to be dealt with very carefully. They have a special bin they place them in, and take them to APD where they are disposed.