Damaged Roswell alien mural gets restored

Posted at: 10/23/2013 5:53 PM
By: Lauren Hansard, KOB Eyewitness News 4

For months, an alien family in Roswell has been missing an important member of their family.  Someone stole the baby alien from the mural this summer.  But Wednesday, a replacement was brought in.  KOB Eyewitness News 4 was there as it happened. 

After missing a family member, this alien family is complete again.

"Mommy and daddy were going crazy looking for their baby. We thought maybe it had been beamed away or something," said Roswell Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Dorrie Faubus-McCarty.

Someone stole the original baby, but Wednesday a replacement alien was brought in, created by California artist John Cerney, the same artist who generously donated the entire mural.  He created another baby free of charge.

"And then the problem was, how do we get it here.  So, we were going crazy trying to figure out how was the baby going to get home," said Faubus-McCarty.

That’s where Crystal Foster comes in.  Crystal is a family friend of the artist.  Not only did she drive the baby alien here from California, she had another reason to make the trip.

“We were more than happy to get it here and no damage. And see it up, it looks great.  And then to see Sam, that was our high point is seeing Sam because he's a pretty cool kid," said Foster.

Sam is her son.  He’s one of the characters featured in the mural.

“It makes the whole family full. It's complete now," said Faubus-McCarty.

The baby is back and hopefully it's here to stay. But as of right now, the Chamber of Commerce is just hoping.

“We’ve talked about locking the gate, we've talked about doing no trespass signs, we've talked about doing a lot," said Faubus-McCarty.  "So, we'll see where we go with that. Let's just say, people please leave our baby alone!"