Law enforcement officials, educators meet to discuss gun violence

Posted at: 10/24/2013 6:21 PM
By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4

New Mexico law enforcement officers met with educators from around the state Thursday, focusing on gun violence in the schools and how to handle it.

It’s not a question of “if” it happens here, officers say, it’s a question of “when”.  They acknowledge that sounds like gloom and doom, but cops know they always have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

The worst – like what happened this week in Sparks, Nevada when a 12 year old boy shot and killed a teacher and wounded two other students before fatally shooting himself in the head.

The ever-rising tide of school violence inspired Attorney General Gary King to hold a Safe School Summit in Albuquerque today.

“We are going to be purely reactionary – how do we react?“ said attorney general’s special agent Mike Sandoval. “That’s what we’re working on today. Just how should we react, and what are other agencies doing that are going to come into that scene of danger and things that are happening. What are they going to do?”

Special agent Anthony Manfredi said the key is consistency.

“We are going to try to get that training to as many individuals as possible, the more the better,” said Manfredi. “Everyone that might potentially respond to a scene like that would have had the same training and they’re all on the same page. That uniform response is going to be the best thing to increase safety overall.”

Maybe in the good old days we could look at Sparks, Nevada and say “it can’t happen here” – but nowadays we know it can.