Online healthcare signup still experiencing glitches

Posted at: 10/24/2013 10:17 PM
By: Kim Tobin, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Signing up for the Affordable Care Act has been a major headache for people across the country, so some, including one Albuquerque woman, are trying the new 1-800 number.

Ashley Gebara kept finding a white blank page popping up on She was able to complete her initial application online, but could not view the benefits for which she is eligible.

Thursday, she grabbed the phone and dialed for help. Her first agent was not very helpful. He kept telling her that she would receive an email with instructions, but never did.

She hung up and tried again.

The second time, the agent did answer one of her many questions. Gebara found out that she is eligible for a 'Market Rate Plan,' but she doesn't qualify for any tax credits. She can enroll in a plan starting at about $175 a month.

But in order for Gebara to actually enroll and complete the process, the agent told her she has to do that online.

"I guess I will try it again, but I really have no faith in it changing," Gebara said.

Gebara went back to the website and experienced the same white blank pages. So far, no one on the phone has been able to help her with that problem.

"Looks like they're having a little bit of glitches and it might take you a few tries," the agent told her on the phone.

Gebara says at this point, she'll likely find an individual plan, but is still hoping Obamacare will come through for her.