Fourth graders forced to clean human feces in school bathroom with bare hands

Posted at: 10/25/2013 11:37 AM
By: Alexa Williams. KWES

Parents in McCamey, Texas claim a primary school principal forced their kids to clean up human feces in a school restroom.

Those accusations may have led to the resignation of Principal Gaylon Doan on Thursday.

"It just infuriated me and I was very upset," Sonia DeLeon, said.

DeLeon says her son told her that he and his classmates were forced to clean feces off the bathroom stall at school.

The students also claim they had to clean up the feces with their bare hands.

School superintendent Jan Hunt would not confirm specifics of what happened, but did say they are investigating an incident and that the district has put in calls to the health department to try and get the kids involved in tested.