San Juan County on lookout for predators on Halloween

Posted at: 10/28/2013 6:00 PM
By: Ashley McElroy, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Halloween should be a night for kids to have fun, but one agency is taking steps to make sure it's also safe.

San Juan County has the highest number of sex offenders per capita in New Mexico, but the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office has a plan to help parents keep their kids safe.

Bonnie Harris' kids love dressing up and getting candy on Halloween, and mom looks out for them to keep them safe.

"Go door to door if something doesn't look right we don't go there," she said.

While parents watch their kids on Halloween night, San Juan County sheriff's deputies will be watching out for child predators.

"It’s one of the nights of the year where children everywhere are allowed or encouraged to contact strangers," said Deputy Robert Tallman.

The sheriff's office will be doing a Halloween operation to make sure sex offenders are obeying their parole. They plan to go to 40 sex offenders’ houses to make sure they're obeying the rules.

If a sex offender chooses to stay home they have to make sure their lights are off, and they aren't allowed to hand out candy or hang up decorations inviting people to their home.

It’s the third year the sheriff's office has done this.

"Most registered sex offenders know were going to be out there they're in compliance but it’s important for us to check on them to make sure," said Tallman.

And parents like Bonnie say it lets her breathe a little easier on Halloween night.

"I think the fact that they do it makes a lot of parents fell a lot more secure," she said.