Police try to stay cool after rash of violence

Posted at: 10/28/2013 10:26 PM
By: Caleb James, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Police officers are trained to respond to situations like the shooting on Monday night in Nob Hill.

That doesn't make violence any less of a surprise -- and in less than 72 hours, Albuquerque cops have faced life-threatening violence again and again.

But despite the violence, and despite one thing after another these few days, Albuquerque Police Chief Allen Banks says these officers are doing their jobs. They are always on high alert.

"Our people are handling themselves very well, from our dispatchers all the way to our deputy chiefs," said Banks.

Behind the scenes, every piece of the puzzle fits into place. From the crime scene, to the 911 operator, staying cool is part of the job.

"They have done a phenomenal job handling these situations over the past couple of days," said Banks.

It's rare to see the feelings behind the badge, behind the lights and sirens, and behind the gun.

"I expect the best from these officers, and I'm very proud of our department. I'm very proud of these officers," said Banks.

It's been barely two days since APD officers faced another gunman. Three APD officers and a Bernalillo County deputy were injured after a chase and shootout with Christopher Chase on Saturday.

Banks on Monday says in no uncertain terms, that risk is the life of a police officer.

"They do their jobs the best they can to protect the citizens of Albuquerque," said Banks.

Citizens like Elaine Guest can't help but feel fear.

"It's very scary," said Guest. "It really disturbs me that all these shootings are happening."

Guest says after days of violence, every hour feels like a waiting game.

"Who's around you? What's going to happen next?" said Guest.

For those in uniform, that's always the question, and the question is just part of the job.

"And I expect that they will continue to handle these situations with anything that they do in a professional manner," said Banks.

The next part of the job comes now. Officers will interview witnesses, the officer involved, and the suspect to determine what happened.