The haunting of Old Town

Posted at: 10/31/2013 10:20 AM
By: Kim Tobin, KOB Eyewitness News 4

ALBUQUERQUE -- When someone thinks of Old Town, they might think of the history and the start of Albuquerque, but what many don't know is there are several spots rumored to be haunted.

"People have lived and died around the plaza for 307 years," ghost tour guide Julie Brown said.

But many ask: Did those people who died ever really leave?

Brown says throughout old town tourists and locals have seen and heard very spooky things.

At the Chapel of Our Lady Guadalupe, Brown says many have spotted a ghost that they've nicknamed the "Lady in Black."

"When people see her, it is a woman dressed all in black, with a black veil covering her face," Brown said. "And when people see her, usually, she is crying."

Brown says the ghost has been seen on days of tragedy. There were three reports on the day Hurricane Katrina struck.

At the popular shop, Covered Wagon, there is an old Victorian building behind it. It's rumored to have been a speakeasy during prohibition and a popular dance hall where a dancer was stabbed to death.

The ghost is named Scarlett.

"She'll either appear in the purple dress, or she appears with a garter on her left leg, and that's all she's wearing," Brown said. "So when a naked woman shows up in Old Town, it kind of stands out."

Recordings have been picked up in the back of Old Town, nicknamed "Lover's Lane," that are believed to be the voice of a ghost.

Old newspaper clippings confirm there was a tragic double murder in the 1800s and the woman who haunts the area is called The Hatchet Lady.

"The basic legend is that there was a woman who was engaged to be married to a local Romeo," said Brown. "A few weeks before her wedding, she's out for a walk to clear her head, and she catches her fiancé in the arms of another woman. She was shook up, devastated, but didn't say anything. She went around the barn, got a hatchet and you can use your imagination."

With 307 years of Old Town history, it's filled with stories and legends that live on.

There are many more ghosts to learn about. You can sign up for a ghost tour on They have tours every weeknight at 8 p.m.