Pair who stole donation box from donut shop found

Posted at: 11/01/2013 7:26 AM
Updated at: 11/01/2013 7:09 PM
By: Nikki Ibarra, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The manager of Donut Mart sent KOB a surveillance image of the suspects.
The manager of Donut Mart sent KOB a surveillance image of the suspects.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 found out complete strangers from throughout the metro stopped by the shop to help out.

"I was horrified. I was appalled, disgusted that people would do something like that," said Melanie Mirate, who stopped by Donut Mart Friday morning, not for breakfast, but to replace the $40 stolen. "I thought the least I can do is try to replace that," added Mirate.

Mirate wasn't the only one. All day, people came in and donated. By Friday afternoon, Donut Mart had collected more than $350.

The incident happend just after 5:30, when a small rush of customers filled the front of the shop. That's when the two men walked in. 

Tahir Gauba said it was nothing out of the ordinary. "They've been here a few times before and nothing happened so for us, it was just a normal every morning transaction," said Gauba.

Morgan Morlan rang the men up for a cup of coffee then walked to the back to help out the boss. 

"We were back and forth a couple of times and I guess they were watching us," said Gauba.

But little did the men know, they were the ones being watched. The surveillance video shows one of the men walking towards the box, takes a peek and then walks away. A minute later, he comes back, grabs the box and leaves.

It took Tahir a couple of minutes to notice the box was missing. 

UPDATE: Both men caught on the surveillance tape have been found, but police say only one will be charged. Ricky Roybal will be charged with larceny.