Car thefts on the rise in Roswell

Posted at: 11/08/2013 7:15 PM
By: Lauren Hansard, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Roswell has seen a spike in car thefts.  Police said more than a dozen have been stolen since early October.  KOB Eyewitness News 4 found out how the thieves are getting their hands on the cars.

“That quick, my son wasn't even inside a minute," said Nathalie Reese.

He started his red pick-up, then walked inside his home while it warmed up.  A minute later, it was gone.

“Came inside for a split second and in that amount of time some man walked up from over here in the back and jumped in it," said Reese.

Reese said her son jumped in her car and chased down the thief.  Police got involved and were able to capture the burglar.

“We had it back within an hour," said Reese.

Across town, the same thing happened to Sandra Mitchell.

"I just walked outside the door and the car was gone,” said Mitchell. “I looked in the garage and it wasn't there, and I was like oh my god where is it?"

Mitchell said she was driving through town this morning and found her car on the side of the road.  And it wasn’t the way she left it.

“The window was rolled down, the ignition was pulled out and so they had to tow it," said Mitchell.

Roswell Police said thieves have stolen 14 cars; a majority of them were while sitting in driveways.

"I couldn't sleep last night.  You just wonder what else is going to happen, can they take something else," said Mitchell.