APS investigating football brawl

Posted at: 11/09/2013 5:45 PM
Updated at: 11/09/2013 6:45 PM
By: Erica Zucco, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Albuquerque Public Schools is investigating a fight between two high school football teams after an emotional game led to an all-out brawl on the field.

The video starts with a play near the end of the second quarter.

Just as a player is going down, the fight starts, but it is hard to tell what or who started it.

Nine seconds later, a second fight sparks further down the field.

Coaches and referees try to break it up, and a helmet goes flying.

The end of that fight meant the end of the game, halfway through.

"What occurred there should not happen in athletics, and the only way to control it is to stop it,” Rio Grande High School football coach Jim Danner said.

Rio Grande High was ahead 13-0, but now both teams get a “forfeit” in the record books. Some players could also be punished by the school district.

“We will investigate, yes there are possible consequences, there's no school on Monday so we have a little time to get that done,” APS spokesperson Monica Armenta said.

News of the fight spread online like wildfire, with teens tweeting comments about the fight.

Danner said both he and Albuquerque High Coach Tim Garro oppose what happened, but pointed out what could have got some of the players going.

“Emotions get in the way and this is a very emotional game - they're fighting for their only victory, we're fighting for our second victory, so that makes it even more important,” Danner said.