Roswell police looking for car arsonist

Posted at: 11/18/2013 5:47 PM
By: Lauren Hansard, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The Roswell Fire Department is looking for a serial arsonist who likes cars.  They said the arsonist usually strikes around midnight, torching cars parked in driveways.  But as KOB Eyewitness News 4 found out, the damage doesn’t always stop there.

The Berg family was asleep in their beds.  A neighbor banging on the front door Monday morning saved their lives.

“When he got up I said oh no the neighbor's house is on fire. I said run go help them get them out!” said neighbor Velma Acosta.  “It was just big ol' flames, I heard popping, and then I heard this big ol’ gush sound."

Charred remains are what are left of the home, but the fire didn’t start in the home.  It started in the driveway with the car.

“It's just heartbreaking.  It's just devastating. Everything's gone, there's nothing to save," said homeowner Bambi Berg.

It’s becoming a horribly familiar scene.  Just last week, two cars were torched a few houses down the street.  A neighbor captured the aftermath on video.

“One of them was brand new, we just bought it.  We had only paid one payment on it," said car owner Tracey Sartin. “It was like a war zone, the lady next door was crying. She thought it was going to go to her cars because she had one parked close to the red truck."

Across town, another arson Friday night.  This time it was an elderly couple asleep in their beds when they heard an explosion.

“My sister called, when she called she said mom and dad's car blew up, the house is on fire, just get over there now," said the homeowners’ daughter Vera Marquez.

The car wasn’t the only loss.

The electrical boxes were scorched by the flames leaving the home without electricity.

The disabled couple called this place home for 40 years.  Now they must find somewhere else to sleep.

Roswell fire investigators said in each case, the cars were ignited in the same way.  An arson task force is now investigating all of the crimes.