Groups making final push to get voters to polls

Posted at: 11/19/2013 1:53 PM
Updated at: 11/19/2013 5:15 PM
By: Nikki Ibarra, KOB Eyewitness News 4

With the clock ticking until the polls close, groups for and against the late-term abortion ban are racing around the city, getting the word out about what's at stake.

There was no excuse for not going to the polls, if you wanted to vote on the late-term abortion ban on Tuesday. 

Bud Shaver is with "Project Defending Life." He's one of hundreds of volunteers out on Tuesday, standing on street corners with signs that read, "Vote for Banning Late Term Abortions."

"Most people just have no idea," said Bud Shaver. He said his group's message is clear-- they want to save lives. "It really just resonated, you know, having a child, you know, having a daughter, having a son who's now one," added Shaver.

Shaver said his volunteers will be out all day until the polls close at 7. 

Across town, all afternoon, volunteers with "Respect ABQ Women" called registered voters. They think this shouldn't be a decision made by voters. 

"It's offensive and it's disrespectful," said Julianna Koob with the group. 

The group knows they have a fight and just hours left to do so. "I have sisters. I have nieces. I have aunties and my aunties have fought this battle long before I did. It's personal. It's complex and it's no place for the government to be," added Koob.

Both sides are using the same game plan-- offering rides to make sure voters hit the polls. 

Also giving rides, UNM. They're running trolleys for students from the bookstore to nearby polling places. 

Bottom line-- voters have a big decision to make and no excuse not to vote.