Carlsbad school board rejects lice policy change

Posted at: 11/24/2013 7:08 PM
Updated at: 11/24/2013 7:13 PM
By: Jeffery Gordon,

Carlsbad school board members have decided not to make any changes to the school district’s infectious disease policy.

According to the Carlsbad Current Argus, the board unanimously rejected proposed changes to the policy earlier this week.

The proposal would have allowed students with lice to return to class earlier.

The current policy excludes students from returning to class until they no longer have symptoms.

The rejected changes would have aligned the district with recommendations released by the Centers for Disease Control earlier this month.

The CDC recommendations allow students with head lice to stay in school.

Officials say lice infestation is not dangerous and keeping children out of the classroom harms their education.

Officials also say more lenient policies shield children from embarrassment.