Video shows man being tackled during traffic stop

Posted at: 11/25/2013 10:10 PM
By: Caleb James, KOB Eyewitness News 4

KOB Eyewitness News 4 has obtained exclusive dash-cam video showing a state cop making a stop outside Ruidoso.

It quickly escalates with the local doctor who was pulled over being tackled and arrested.

Dr. Ray Seidel sent KOB the dash cam video and compares what happened in it to that recent controversial traffic stop near Taos.     

Seidel admits he's firmly against the federal government, and admits he has stopped paying taxes in protest of the IRS, but he says, regardless of his views, what happened in this tape is wrong.    

"Never been in a situation like that where I've ever ever been threatened at this level," said Seidel. "I come around the corner and this guy's pointing his 9mm right at me."

When Seidel watches the video, he can't explain why what started as a traffic stop turned into his dramatic arrest.    

September 10th video recorded by a dash cam in state cop Corey Crayton's car shows the officer pull over Seidel in a gold Lexus SUV for going 69 in a 55 just outside Ruidoso.

"Next thing I know, looks like he's headed over that way," said Seidel.

Seidel sees the officer approach - on the passenger side - which struck him as strange. He said there was more than enough room on the driver's side, shown on the video.

He says the car was new to him, and he was trying to figure out how to roll down the passenger window.

"All of a sudden I hear the door open, my wife's yelling, 'Don't open the door! Don't open the door,'" he said.

That's when Seidel got out of the car.

"I met him at the back of the car, and he had his 9mm pointed at me yelling at me," he said.

With the officer out of view of the dash camera -- we can't see him pointing a gun.

But what unfolds next shows the situation escalating quickly.

The officer repeatedly tells Seidel he's under arrest, and  to "drop his weapon." Seidel is wearing a handgun on his belt -- but never reaches for it in the video.

As the officer shouts, Seidel walks back to his car.

"When I turned around I fully expected to be shot in the back," said Seidel. 

Inside the car, Seidel calls 911.

"I need police out here now, we've got a cop that's out of control," he recalls thinking.

Ruidoso Police and Lincoln County Sheriff's deputies arrive, and as Seidel talks to them, the state cop moves in with a 'bear hug' according to his report -- taking Seidel down.

He then places Seidel under arrest.

"I had no idea I was being pulled over for some sort of traffic violation until I was arrested and booked in jail," said Seidel. "I asked a couple times, 'What's your probable cause?"

But Seidel said it didn't seem to matter.

Seidel thinks the officer crossed the line, when he forced his wife's door open. That's why he got out of the SUV.

State police Monday night tell us they cannot comment on this case, because Seidel has filed a lawsuit against the agency and it is still pending.