Woman suing APS has filed previous suits against district

Posted at: 11/27/2013 5:49 PM
By: Maria Guerrero, KOB Eyewitness News 4

KOB Eyewitness News 4 told you yesterday about a former assistant principal who is now suing the wife of Lobo head basketball coach Craig Neal and APS.

Susan Stanojevic claims Janet Neal roughed her up after a basketball game and that APS didn’t do anything about it.

This is not the first time the former assistant principal has sued the school district.

A discrimination lawsuit has been in the federal court system since 2010.

It shows Stenojevic and the leader of APS may have some bad blood.

In 2009, Susan Stanojevic was Sandia High School’s vice president of curriculum.

She claims she suffered discrimination by APS by not being promoted to principal.

The lawsuit goes back to a meeting between then-Sandia High School principal Michael Bachicha, Superintendent Winston Brooks and Assistant Superintendent Eddie Soto.

Bachicha is also suing APS for retaliation and being demoted to middle school principal.

Bachicha claims he stated Stanojevic was read to be promoted to principal.

To which Brooks allegedly told Bachicha in front of Soto that Stanojevic had “screwed the former superintendent and slept her way to the top.”

Bachicha told Stanojevic what Brooks said.

Days later, she filed a discrimination case with APS.

This case is still in court.

Stanojevic just filed another lawsuit against APS on November First.

Stanojevic, who was recently the Eldorado High School Assistant Principal claims APS violated policy and retaliated against her.

The lawsuit claims Janet Neal was upset Stanojevic had called her a hot head to a school leader.

The lawsuit accuses Neal of yanking on Stanojevic’s arm after a game in which Neal’s son was playing in.

The lawsuit also alleges Brooks ordered no action be taken against Janet Neal and that she would not be suspended from any games.

APS argues they did take action, requiring Neal sit with an APS officer at a later game.

Stanojevic’s husband also sued the school district in 2005, over whether he was able to coach Eldorado High’s soccer team and coach a soccer league at the same time.

That case was settled out of court.

As for the latest lawsuit, Brooks calls it a “frivolous lawsuit.”

Neal’s attorney says she “denies all the allegations and is prepared to go to court.”